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Seneca Gaming and Entertainment Salamanca welcomes bus groups any day of the week and offers competitive incentives for both the riders and bus group leader. Check out our current bus policy to book your bus group today! With over 35 years of experience in dealing with bus groups, we are your right choice for an exciting day trip playing high stakes bingo, and over 340 gaming machines!

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Have any questions, contact us at or call us at 716-945-4080.

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Check out our current Bus Group Policy to start the process of setting up your first trip to Seneca Gaming and Entertainment Salamanca!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about setting up a Bus Group with SG&E Salamanca?
If you are planning a trip, you must contact us by Email to All Bus Coordinators will be eligible for incentives provided the following guidelines are met. A company bus is used. (No personal vehicles will be eligible). The company name, address and phone number must be visible on the exterior of the bus for security purposes.
What is a Bus Coordinator?
Bus Coordinators will be defined as the group leader who has contacted Seneca Gaming and Entertainment to schedule the bus trip. Bus Coordinators may not act as the driver and Bus Coordinator on the same scheduled bus trip.
What is a Bus Manifest?
A Bus Manifest is a log of all the Bus Riders who will be coming on the Bus to our facility. The final clean Bus Manifest must be delivered to a Marketing Department employee for verification for all incentives. If the final submitted Bus Manifest doesn’t meet the standards of a clean manifest, a blank manifest will be issued to the Bus Coordinator to fill out.
What incentives do you offer Bus Riders coming to your facility?
All qualified riders, including the Bus Coordinator and Driver will receive the following incentive package during scheduled trips: We offer a $25 Free Play for the Game Room (Slots). Also, if the bus rider is a New Member, they’ll receive $15 off Bingo Admissions upon spending $75 or more.
What are the qualifications for incentives for a bus rider?
To qualify for incentives and be considered a qualified rider, a valid State issued photo ID or passport is required to sign up for a Seneca Elite Player’s Club Card. Bus rider must utilize their Seneca Elite Player’s Club Card at the time of their free play enrollment. Riders must have a bus pass and be on the manifest to receive the promotional free play for the game room.
What are the requirements for Bus Incentive Packages?
All Bus Coordinators must call 2 days prior to schedule a bus trip with an anticipated number of riders, Bus Company used, sessions attending and a valid phone number for the Bus Coordinator. Upon approval of the scheduled bus trip, the Marketing Department will issue a bus manifest. (Manifests will be issued via Fax or Email.) A bus manifest is required upon arrival. All Bus Coordinators must call 30-60 minutes prior to arrival with an exact count of riders and estimated arrival time so all staff can be properly prepared. Bus Coordinators must contact a Seneca Gaming and Entertainment representative by 12pm or 6pm, depending on the desired Bingo Session the group is attending. Any trip cancellations must be called in as soon as possible.
What happens upon the arrival of a Bus Group?
Prior to arrival it is the Bus Coordinators responsibility to educate their riders with House Rules, gaming operations including bingo schedules and all functionalities of their bus rider incentives. Upon arrival riders must remain seated until the group has been accounted for as well as being addressed by a Marketing Department employee. All riders must report to Customer Service upon entering the facility. Failure to do so can result in the loss of bus rider incentive distribution. Bus Groups attending Bingo Sessions must arrive to our facility no later than 12:30pm for Matinee Sessions and 6:30pm for Evening Sessions. Adequate timing is mandatory in order for Seneca Gaming and Entertainment staff to fully accommodate each group’s visit. Failure to arrive to the facility within these time frames will result in the retraction of incentives for the group.
Do You need a Seneca Elite Players Club Card to receive incentives as a Bus Rider?
ALL bus riders will be required to have a Seneca Elite Player’s Club Card in order to receive any incentives. Riders without a valid State issued photo ID or passport will not receive incentives. All valid photo IDs used to sign up for a Seneca Elite Player’s Club Card must be an acceptable form of identification determined by approved Policies and Procedures.
Can patrons who wish to be a part of the bus group drive up themselves?
Seneca Gaming and Entertainment will not include “drive ins” as a part of your count. No Exceptions! If the bus group has an additional vehicle to accommodate an “overflow” then the vehicle must be included in the proof of liability insurance provided to Seneca Gaming and Entertainment. The Customer Service Supervisor must be notified of an additional vehicle at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled trip.
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