House Rules

1. No one under 18 years of age is permitted on the gaming floor. Management reserves the right to deny entry.

2. Seneca Gaming & Entertainment will not tolerate foul language, threatening and/or disruptive behavior. Vandalism or destruction to any property of Seneca Gaming & Entertainment may lead to being banned and/or charged with criminal offense.

3. Soliciting, peddling, loitering, firearms/weapons, alcohol, and/or drugs are strictly prohibited.

4. The use of cell phones, laptops, and cameras are prohibited on the gaming floor. They are only to be used in the lobby area.

5. Seneca Gaming & Entertainment is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or stolen/loss of personal property.

6. There is a no seat saving policy on special promotions or events.

7. All patrons must have a valid Government Issued ID in order to receive or cash out a Player’s Card.

8. Seneca Gaming & Entertainment players are responsible for using their own Player’s Card. If a player is using another player’s card, they will be denied any winnings and forfeit any credits.

9. Patrons must cash out their Game Room card before the end of the gaming day or all credits/money will be lost.

10. To claim winnings over $1,199.99 you must present valid Government Issues Photo ID and a Social Security Card.

11. Any promotional win with a cumulative value of $600 or more in one calendar year is subject to a 1099 form (hot seats, ticket drawings, etc.).

12. Seneca Gaming & Entertainment will not be held responsible for any malfunctions of any equipment including Electronics. Malfunctions void all pays and plays.

13. Players must purchase their own admission and must have a valid receipt to enter the hall for the main Bingo Session. Only one (1) Electronic device per person, unless specified. No Bingo Admission purchases will be made after the first number of the second game is called for the main session. Each player must claim their (own) winnings and must be presently playing throughout the session.

14. The player must bingo on the last number called and must yell loud enough for the caller to hear and stop the game. Once a caller closes that game no other bingo’s will be honored. The number on the monitor is not official until the number is called.

15. All yellow carbon copies to your Player’s Choice/Seneca Pick “7” & “Mystery Number” must be turned in prior to the start of the game. Only management can make any corrections that need to be done on the Player’s Choice/ Seneca Pick “7”. Any unclear, tampered or altered Player’s Choice/Seneca Pick “7” will be voided unless otherwise corrected by management prior to the start of the game.

16. Multiple winners will share the total cash value of the game divided by the number of winners. Multiple winners on the vehicle special will split $10,000.

17. All prizes are nontransferable and nonrefundable.

18. Seneca Gaming & Entertainment is not responsible for typographical errors. Management reserves the right to modify, alter or delete any game, prize or promotion without prior notice.

All sales are final.

Management has the final say on all House Rules and disputes.