Bad Beat Jackpots

HOLD'EM: $49,962.10 STUD: $9,423.10 OMAHA: $867.20

Updated on 3/13/2020

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Niagara Falls Poker Promotions






Cash Game Jackpot Payouts

  • All bad beat rules apply
  • Pot must equal at least $20
  • Minimum of 5 players must be dealt in
  • Must be played to the river

Hot Seat Requirements

Must be playing in a cash game


You must be actively playing for all giveaways. Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes and fees. Residents of foreign countries will be subject to 30% withholdings on all payouts. Seneca Gaming and Entertainment reserves the right to modify or discontinue these events at any time without notice. SG&E will not be responsible in the event of a typographical error, misinformation on the website or printed material pertaining to this event and players will have no claim in these matters. The cage will be responsible for all cash transactions. All information contained in the parameter that SGA approves is consistent with information contained in all promotional material.

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